About Us

Oilheat Associates is a select group of independent Oilheat and Propane consultants and educators dedicated to strengthening the HVAC industry. Each of our affiliated experts brings a wealth of industry specific knowledge and expertise to our group.

We're proud to have helped hundreds of companies improve their performance through consulting, training, research, business and financial planning, and acquisition/exit strategy.

John Levey

John Levey is a consultant and educator who brings over 40 years of industry experience to our group. After selling his fuel oil business in 1989, John worked his way up through the ranks of the industry giants, serving as Corporate Sales Manager of Petro and as Director of Marketing at Heating Oil Partners.

John currently directs the HVAC education program for the Oil Heat Institute of Long Island, serves on the Education Committee for the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), serves on the National Fire Protection Association Committee on Liquid Burning Equipment (NFPA 31), and is a member of Underwriter's Laboratories Standards Technical Panel for Above Ground Oil Tanks (UL - 80).

John wrote and co-produced seventeen training videos for the Oilheat industry covering fuel oil delivery, service techniques, oil tank installation and maintenance, energy efficiency, and customer service. He is the author of “Heating Oil Storage Tanks, Guide for Quality Installation and Maintenance” released by the NORA in August 2004, updated and re-released in 2006. His articles on customer service, service department operations, and acquisition strategies have appeared in various trade publications.

In addition to his industry endeavors, John taught Business Administration for several years at the State University of New York and is currently a member of the adjunct faculty at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood, NY.

Joe Vassallo

Joe Vassallo entered the oil business with Cities Service Oil Company (Citgo). He worked for a dozen years handling company operated gas stations and convenience stores, wholesale fuel sales, and lubricant sales.

Joe left Citgo and was named VP of Commercial Sales for Whaleco. After the sale of Whaleco to Petro, he became VP of Sales and Marketing for Petroleum Heat and Power. During his time at Petro he wore many hats including:

  • General Manager of Bayside Fuel in Brooklyn, NY
  • GeneralkManager of Meenan Oil on Long Island.
  • VP of Supply and Distribution

Joe also served as General Manager of Santa Fuel in Bridgeport, CT and assisted in instituting the transition plan to successfully bring the company into the third generation of family control and management.

During his career Joe has been involved with the sale and/or purchase of over 150 heating oil companies and he developed many of the successful sales and marketing programs still in use in the industry today.

At Oilheat Associates,Joe performs consulting work for many prominent companies in the industry. He works with ownership on management training, personnel recruiting and selection, acquisitions, sales, and customer service training.

C. Justin McCarthy

Justin McCarthy's main focus is assisting our clients who are interested in buying and/or selling oil and propane businesses.

Justin came to us after a highly successful 34-year career in the heating oil industry. He started in the industry with Meenan Oil and moved to Whaleco before beginning his successful run as Senior VP of Petroleum Heat and Power (Petro).

Justin has been involved in over 200 acquisitions during his career. During that time, he had the responsibility of evaluating potential acquisition candidates and finding ways to make deals happen. Once the acquisition was completed, he supervised the integration of the acquired company into the existing operations at Petro. In his senior management position, he was also accountable for the everyday operations involved in serving more than 350,000 heating oil customers.

Well known throughout the industry, Justin has an intimate knowledge of heating markets throughout the northeast and his strong financial and operations background is a great asset to our clients.

Justin brings an unmatched expertise to our clients in the energy industry.

Affiliates of Oilheat Associates Inc.

In addition to our principals, several industry luminaries who own other businesses work closely with Oilheat Associates, Inc.

By working closely with these experts, we are able to offer our clients "one stop shopping" for the best available training, business advice, consulting, and merger/acquisition services.

These Oilheat professionals bring a wealth of experience to our customers and assist us with various projects.

Bob Hedden

Bob Hedden is the President of Oilheat Associates (Vermont), a full service management consulting, research, and education firm dedicated to strengthening the Oilheat industry.

He is also President of the Hedden Company, Executive Director of the Oilheat Manufacturers Association, Education Director of The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), Treasurer of Oil Heat Cares, and Director at Community Health Centers of the Rutand Region (VT).

Bob is an Oilheat Consultant and Educator with over 45 years of Oilheat industry experience in customer retention, marketing, sales, energy conservation, and service department operations.

He has written many articles for Oilheat industry publications and is the editor and lead writer of the NORA Oilheat Technicians Manual, the author of "Efficient Oilheat, a Guide to Energy Conservation" (The Gold manual), co-author (with John Batey) of “The Oilheat Advantages”, and author of the booklet “The Benefits of Oilheat”. He also created the NORA Energy Conservation Analysis Program.

Bob teaches and consults for over 200 Oilheat companies and most of the industry associations in the United States and Canada.

John Nardozzi

For more than 25 years, John Nardozzi has been an innovative, driving force in the Oilheat and petroleum industry. As “The Oilman's Accountant”, John has helped retail oil dealers of all sizes to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

At Oilheat Associates, Inc., we often utilize John's experience and insight to assist with company physicals, consulting projects, business valuations, and merger/acquisition activities.

John can be contacted at jnardozzi@nardozziconsulting.com

Bill Powers

Bill joined Propane Associates after a highly successful career in the Propane and Oilheat industries. He served as the President of Heritage Propane, at the time the third largest propane marketer in the United States, and a leading industry consolidator.

Prior to his tenure at Heritage, Bill served as President of Petroleum Heat and Power Co, Inc. (Petro), and as President and CEO of Star Gas Corporation and Star Gas Partners, LP in Stamford CT. In addition he served in various capacities at Petro including Regional Operations Manager and Vice President of Acquisitions.

Bill holds a BA from the University of Notre Dame and a MBA from the University of Vermont.